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A Transparent Approach to Fees

We are passionate about service quality and every member of the team takes a proactive approach to meeting the needs of the most demanding situation. We will work hard to build a long-lasting, service driven relationship with all law firms, irrespective of the frequency or value of instructions.

We will always give you advice on a suitable barrister and we will provide you with an accurate assessment of the cost. Please contact us here for a quotation

We are committed to delivering financial confidence through innovative and mutually beneficial approaches to alternatives to the “billable hour”.

We will always tell you what the first stage of your case will cost or is likely to cost before any work is done on your behalf.

Wherever possible we will give you an exact price, known as a fixed fee; this pricing is not based on time estimates or trying to reverse the billable hour equivalent cost into a fixed price.

Instead, we will agree a price with you for a clearly defined scope of work from the outset before we start.

If you then decide to change this scope of work materially, we will agree a reasonable revised price with you; again, in advance.

You can expect to be charged a fixed fee to have your barrister represent you in court.

However, fees sometimes do need to be based on hourly rates. The rates vary according to how senior your barrister is, how urgent your case is and how complicated it is. The hourly rate, and an accurate estimate of the likely total cost, will be given to you before work is begun.

If we do not give you an exact price your barrister will put in writing all of the hours that he/she has worked. These hours will be on the invoice or fee note that is sent to you.

Factors which might influence the scope of work include:

Counsel’s availability;

The availability of the client or relevant third parties;

The complexity of the case;

The amount of papers required to review;

The need for additional information or documents;

The approach taken by the other side;

Third parties intervening in the case; and

Court waiting times.

Public Access Transparency information. Guide here:

Public Access Guidance for Lay Clients

Below is an example of how a pricing chart may look:

Estimated costs for Public Access Scheme

The practice management team can be contacted to provide estimated fees, and will quote on either an hourly rate or fixed fee (brief fee/ refresher) basis, subject to what is most appropriate for the case and cost effective for the client. Fees will be calculated by reference to the amount of time reasonably required to supply the services and a reasonable hourly rate, taking into account all the circumstances of the case. The practice management team will be able to provide you with information on what specifically is required in order to prepare a meaningful estimate, and will provide one within 14 days.

Hourly rates may vary according to the seniority and experience of counsel, the complexity and urgency of the case. Where we provide a fixed price for a piece of work we will seek not to exceed the amount we have quoted without prior client authority.

Our fees are flexible and competitive, while reflecting our high standard of advice and service. The current rate of VAT will be added to all fees (unless exemptions apply). We will always advise on suitable counsel and provide a more accurate and flexible assessment of the fees for your case.

On the acceptance of instructions counsel will review the case to assess the amount of papers to be reviewed, the complexity of the case, the need for additional information or documents and the approach being taken by the other side. The return date for completed work will then be subject to the upcoming availability of counsel, the client(s), relevant third parties and where appropriate the next suitable date for any court hearings. Updates will be provided regarding expected timescales, including changes in circumstances which are outside of Chambers control.

Public Access – Family (Private) Law

Estimated fees below are correct as of 31st August 2021, and are estimates only. All fees exclude VAT where applicable. For quotations, please contact the practice management team

Initial conference1 – 3 hours £350 – 750
Written advice on caseup to 4 hoursup to 4 hours
Drafting documentsup to 3 hours £150 – 600
Directions hearingup to 1 hour£750 – 900
FHDRA1 hour£850 – 1000
½ day hearing½ day£1,000 – 1500
All day hearing1 day£1,750 – 3,500
Refresher hearing£1000 – 1250

Public Access – Employment Tribunal

Estimated fees below are correct as of 31st August 2021 , and are estimates only and exclude VAT where applicable. For quotations, please contact the practice management team.

We quote on either an hourly rate or fixed fee (brief fee/ refresher) basis, subject to what is most appropriate for the case.

Hourly rates range from £250-300. Examples of fixed fees are below:

Initial conference £500 – 1,500
Written advice on your claim£500 – 2,000
Preparation of case, including assistance with drafting tribunal documents£1,000 – 3,500
Preliminary hearing£850 – 1,750
Tribunal hearing (Brief fee)£1,750 – 15,000
Refresher£1,750 – 2,000
Remedy hearing £1,750 – 2,500

Public Access – All aspects of the law of succession, Trusts, express and informal Land law, commercial landlord and tenant & Company and Partnership law.

Estimated fees below are correct as of 31st August 2021, and are estimates only and exclude VAT where applicable. For quotations, please contact the practice management team.

Typical Fees are as follows:

Written Opinion£600
Conference (without written Opinion)£600
Statement of Case where there is a Written Opinion or Conference £450
Statement of Case where there no Written Opinion or Conference£600
Case Management Conference£750-£2,000
Half Day Hearing£1,000-£2,500
One Day Trial or Mediation or Round Table Conference2,500 -£5,000
Multi-day TrialFirst Day £4,500-£15,000
Each subsequent day £2,500

Fees for hearing and trials include all preparation including Skeleton Arguments and Chronologies, etc.  and usually include a conference, if appropriate.

These fees are typical and may vary depending upon the complexity of the case and the amount in issue. Further where court hearings involve a significant amount of travel costs, fees will take into account such costs (and on occasions time spent travelling).