Children – Public Law

Cases where local authorities are involved with a child fall under public law, whether a looked after child, a child in need or one about whom there are safeguarding concerns. Octagon Legal’s large and experienced team is dedicated to providing the best legal advice in these types of scenarios, including for clients receiving legal aid. Anyone receiving or entitled to legal aid also needs to have a solicitor to help them access it, and we can provide advice on the best solicitor for you.

Our expertise is available at any stage of the process, whether a problem has already occurred or you think there may be an issue in the future. We recommend engaging our services as early as possible in the process, so that we can work to achieve the best possible outcome for the child. Where necessary we are also available at short notice and can represent you in court and at mediations.

We provide advice to guardians and parents as well as other family members and local authorities regarding possible solutions and how they can be achieved, and we always provide an overview of what decisions the court may make. This includes a full review of what has happened to date and all relevant documentation. We do everything we can to help, including representing you at hearings, drafting documents, providing written and verbal advice as well as providing facilities for Skype or FaceTime conferences.

Octagon Legal is a particular specialist in public law for children, with decades of experience at all levels of provision. Members of our team appear regularly in the Law Reports, having undertaken high profile or particularly unusual or difficult cases, but as with all our work no case is too small or large.