Octagon Legal has a large and well respected children team. Matters involving children can be very taxing for all concerned and we fully understand the pressures on all. At Octagon Legal we aim to achieve solutions whether that is by sorting out how a child’s time is divided between parents or family members or in terms of aspects of their upbringing such as a change of name, going abroad, education, religion or medical treatment.

There may well be financial issues around the children in terms of those parents who are unmarried, a claim can be brought in order to preserve the family home for the benefit of the children. Orders can also be sought in certain circumstances for child maintenance whilst they complete secondary and higher education.

We regularly represent parents, grandparents and extended family members as well as Local Authorities and children themselves. All our team have great experience in proceedings between families but also in child protection and for those families facing allegations of physical or sexual abuse or neglect and emotional harm.

For Local Authorities we commonly draft the necessary documents and attend Court advising on child protection, care proceedings and adoption. We are able to assist prospective Special Guardians, foster carers as well as parents opposing Care and Placement Orders or prospective adopters applying for adoption orders.

Our team can assess your case at an early stage, advising pre-proceedings and guide you through the Court process. We specialise in sensitive but focused advocacy that achieves the best outcomes for our clients and provide accurate advice as to the likely result. We can offer a one off consultation for those who simply want to be informed of their options or we can represent you throughout, often providing affordable advice. We also attend round the table meetings and help to foster agreements about communication and parenting that may not be possible in Court.

You may be eligible for public funding and we can point you towards a suitable solicitor.

We aim to get you the best result at the best cost to you. We can provide advice at any stage of the process and often act at short notice assimilating facts overnight if needs be. Contact us and see how we can help. We commonly speak to clients via Skype, Facetime, telephone or e-mail, which is particularly useful to our clients based overseas. Alternatively, we can meet you in Chambers, at your Solicitor’s office or somewhere else convenient. We are on your side.