Divorce & Separation

Our experienced lawyers provide sensible and expert advice at all stages of the process from before separation or in order to assist with the fallout later on. We can draft agreements, agree Court Orders, arrange mediation or you could instruct us to attend round the table meetings with the other side. We are first and foremost, trial lawyers and so we are able to advise accurately as to the likely outcome at Court and help to arrange early settlement or indeed fight your corner in Court. Tactically, having us on your side from the beginning means we can give you the best opportunity of succeeding in Court, if it gets that far. We can advise you in drafting statements and on the evidence that will present your case in its best light.

For couples who are separating but are not married we are well experienced at advising and assisting you to obtain the best outcome.

We aim to get you the best result at the best cost to you. We can provide advice at any stage of the process and often act at short notice assimilating facts overnight or even on the day of a hearing, if needs be. Contact us and see how we can help. We commonly speak to clients via Skype, Facetime, telephone or e-mail, which is particularly useful to our clients based overseas. Alternatively, we can meet you in Chambers, at your Solicitor’s office or somewhere else convenient. We are on your side.