New Octagon Legal Website Launched

Normally this space will be reserved for legal news that might affect or interest you, and will give a flavour of what we do. But since this is the launch of our website, the service we offer is the news this month.

This is a new way of dealing with your most serious legal problems. Going to a lawyer is never a popular option, but the fact that something might have gone very badly wrong means it is often the safest way. There is clear evidence that those who have sought to deal with it themselves frequently seek our advice to put things right after the event, which is far more difficult.

Some of you will be eligible for Public Access to a barrister and we have launched this website to tell you about us and to try to help you to make the right choices We offer skilled and focused professional help with control over your legal fees. There are absolutely no hidden costs.

We are a group of experienced advocates – barristers who can help you decide how to conduct your case and when you need us. We can help you write the letters and advise you how to proceed, whether it be to court or through some other method of resolution. And if you do need to go to court, we will tell you which hearings you can do on your own, and which you will need one of us to help you with. We will tell you in advance exactly how much each piece of work will cost, and you will only pay us for one piece of work at a time. We will tell you what the court requires in the way of paperwork, and help you to draft it. We have a special “Initial Conference” service to give you the sort of overview that will help you deal with the proceedings and know where you stand.

So if you are in a spot of trouble, and the legal maze is looming over you, give our clerks a ring to see if we can help.