Rachel Norgate

Rachel Norgate

First-six Pupil

Year of Call: 2019


Rachel is the newest addition to Chambers, who will be starting her Second-Six in May 2021 and will accept instructions in Family, Criminal and Civil law thereafter.

During her First-Six, Rachel has shadowed a number of Barristers from Chambers in both the Criminal and Family Team, under the supervision of Fiona Baruah and Paul Butterworth.

Rachel gained experience in the following areas:

Family Law

  • Public and private children proceedings
  • Domestic violence
  • Non accidental injury
  • Injunctions
  • Ancillary matters
  • Drafting of family proceedings documents, including skeleton arguments and threshold statement.


  • Magistrates’ and Crown Court proceedings, including driving offences, drug offences, sexual offences, Theft Act matters, assault and criminal damage [including in a domestic setting,] restraining orders and breaching orders.

Rachel has also gained experience of special measures in both the civil and criminal courts, including ground rules hearings, a pre-reordered cross-examination of a minor, and the use of intermediaries and interpreters.

Before commencing her Pupillage, Rachel worked as a County Court Advocate, and was instructed to conduct a broad range of civil matters across East Anglia, including:

Civil Law

  • Small claims [Breach of contract, Road Traffic accidents, Parking charges]
  • Civil applications [default judgment, summary judgment, application to set aside judgment, relief from sanctions]
  • Infant settlements
  • Return of goods and time orders
  • Housing disputes
  • Bankruptcy
  • Charging orders
  • Costs.

Whilst working as an Advocate, Rachel gained experience of how to effectively communicate with vulnerable litigants in person.

Rachel is meticulous and thorough with her preparation and has an eye for detail. Rachel understands that attending any kind of court hearing can be a stressful process and is able to build a rapport with clients to put them at ease. Rachel’s advice is both measured and effective, and she makes use of her mediation qualification during negotiations with clients and other legal professionals.

Rachel is experienced in using remote platforms for client conferences and hearings, both as an Advocate and as a Pupil, and can set up telephone or video conferences with clients to suit their needs.

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BPP Advocacy Scholarship [2018]
Excellence at Exeter Scholarship [2015]

Professional Qualifications

  • LLB, 2:1 - University of Exeter [2018]
  • LLM Legal Practice (Barristers), Distinction- BPP University [2019]
  • ADR ODR International Accredited Civil Commercial Mediator [2019]